Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hello World....

I have gotten terrible about posting like I should.  I have like a million projects going on and I'm trying to get them done and make post.  Which would seem possible if I would do one project finish it and then post it.  But instead because my brain wants to do about a million projects at one time it takes FOREVER for me to complete something.  So this weekend I'm working on a coffee table remake, sanding down my moms original rocker that she rocked us in as kids, going to Ikea to get ideas, making slip covers for my chairs that don't match in my living room, ect, ect... the list goes on and on.  So I have managed to get a few of these things completed but yet to be able to do the write up with them.  

Today I finished my farmhouse wreath and was able to FINALLY complete my pallet wall in my bathroom.  I'm really tickled at how it turned out and I only spent around 20 bucks! Yay!
First I went to my famous go to Store Hobby Lobby!! I purchased a wreath that was more vine like and was already wound together. It was 19.99 and was 50 percent off, getting it for 10.  I also purchased the flowers that I like that was simple and kinda classy each were 4.99 also 50 percent off, so they were 2.50 each.  I bought 4 of these.  This is how they looked separate.
I had already started to add a couple of the flowers before I snapped the picture of the wreath. 
This is once I had them all fished in and was ready to hang... This is something so simple and easy to do, like 15 mins but gives the sweetest country look to any wall.

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