Thursday, November 10, 2016

Who doesn't like a good coffee cup?!! or pumpkin pie soap?

I LOVE LOVE a new cute coffee cup!  These are some that we have included in our gift baskets that you can do for Christmas.  The ones you have seen on the hooks in my kitchen that say Bless Your Heart, or other cute sayings are displayed here!
This is basket that I just completed for a friend for someone for there Birthday. The one below is 40.  It includes the soap dish and coffee cup.  Get yours ordered to be here in time for the holidays!

This holiday Christmas basket would be excellent for teachers for school, use the soap dish its 18, but if you would rather use the coffee cup it would be 20.  Would be glad to customize it the way you would like.  You could even do a small one with a towel, soap and candle for 15! 

This is one of our newest scents Pumpkin Pie!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Homemade, Holidays & Special Gifts

There are so many things that are thrown at us for the holidays.  Gifts, gatherings, and special events.  I always am one of those people who look and look for that one unique thing.  I want something special for people that says, "Hey, I really thought about you and something you may like!"  Don't get me wrong I still do gift cards and gift certificates sometimes, but its nothing like having a gift that really looks cute, or is something that's different.  So what I'm working on now are the gift baskets that we displayed back for the fall, but incorporating Christmas stuff.  We have different ways or things that you can put in them to allow them to fall in different price ranges.  The one I'm displaying today is 18$.  It contains a microfiber hand towel, wire basket, candle, soap dish and a bar of my Cranberry Fig Soap.(you can chose from any scent)  We already have a ton of these on order for people because they wanted them for teacher gifts. You could do one smaller say 15 (towel, soap and candle).  Which, I would love to get considering I do homeschool my kiddos.  So if you need one, send me a email!  We also do a range of dollar baskets, so you basically could customize a order with what all you would like in your basket.  Hope you like them!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Get Naked Soaps & Signs"

The Sign that birthed the name!
I had been looking on Pinterest for a idea for a sign for my bathroom.  I had seen a couple here and there that I liked.  Ones that said different things.  I ran across a pallet one that said "get naked."  So I then go to take a shower and start laughing.  I thought, "Really, its kinda a cute idea cause dang, that is what you do in the bathroom!"
  So from there ideas started to bloom.  I have been making homemade soap all year.  I started back in the fall of last year making the bracelets and key chains, then moved onto soap.  I have always wanted to learn how to make homemade soap.  Back when I was a kid and my mom worked at a dentist office she would bring home some of the best homemade soap and I would love love to have it in my shower.  So after trying different ways and recipes I found one that consisted of the oils I really love to use on my face as moisturizers, Olive Oil and Cocount Oil!!! These are so so good for your skin.  So after working, trial and error I have finally come up with a line that I like.  My family really seems to like it so I decided to put it in a store in Eden.  Its on my Distressed Blessings facebook page, because I also like to make gift baskets, but I wanted the soap to have a name and I hadn't come up with anything.  One day I walk into my bathroom and the sign I made is hanging on the wall and BAM! I was like duh!!! That's it! The kids was like ooh gross MAMA! Their Daddy's says, "Hey, can you wash with your clothes on?"  We all start laughing and that's it! We decided it sounded like a good name.  

For the sign, I took the thinnest piece of plywood you can purchase, painted it with 99 cent cheap white paint from Lowes.  I used my Cricut to print out the black vinyl letters.  I used tobacco sticks from my daddy's farm, measured and nailed them with a nail gun to the plywood and Voila!  Who knew that so many ideas could come from just one sign.!

This is our display at Gabrielle and Riley a store you can find and purchase our soaps.  The soaps are 3.75 a bar. 
The scents listed there are:
Cranberry Fig
Baby Powder
Harvest Spice
Maple Syrup
Citrus Swirl
Oatmeal and Honey, with and without fragrance
Apple Jack
Rustic Woods and Rum
Green Apple
Pumpkin Pie
Almond Pound Cake
Anjou Pear
Cinnamon Spice
Sparkles and Spice

We also have a couple of Christmas Scents that will be ready really soon.  We look forward to starting this business and hoping that people will share our love for homemade soap.
We are making small gift baskets that you can order for the holidays.  Those pictures will be posted in the next few days! Thanks for looking!