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The Naked Bee

I want to start doing a little product reviewing if I run into something that I think works great.  Here is the problem I have with products.  I am a tight wad.  I don't like to waste money on products that I end up throwing away.  When I first started couponing I was in heaven.  I loved the fact that I could get products at a discounted price and not loose a lot if they weren't any count.  But, what ended up  happening is that even though I would run into stuff that was really good, I would still have a lot of stuff that I didn't care much for.  So, in this long drawn out story, ugh, is that I have slacked off the couponing and made the decision to only buy the stuff that I know for a fact we really like and use coupons just when we can.

I usually buy as much organic as I can at Aldi, they have a really good organic line of things there and the prices are very reasonable.  I still do by sugared cereal (don't hate me) and things that are not the best for you, but try to do healthy when we can.  I Love summer, its so much easier to do the right thing when you have fresh fruits and veggies outside.  I have always wanted to have my own little greenhouse outside, but since I'm not rich I don't have this, so I Can veggies and freeze as much as possible until the next spring.

Ok so anyway back to the point of this article.  When ever I can try something and it does turn out well I want to make a note to share it with others.  Back before Christmas last year me and my girls had taken my grandmother out to eat lunch and my aunt was able to go and she introduced me to a new lotion that's mostly organic called "The Naked Bee!"  I absolutely loved the way it smelled and how when I used it my hands honestly didn't get greasy.  I'm big on smells, I don't like for the smell of the lotion to be overwhelming and I want it to be a clean fresh smell.  The cool thing about this product is that it comes in shampoo, soap, candles, lip care, ect.

So, since I had never purchased any of their products but knew the lotion smelt good I decided to order a sample type kit.
This kit I purchased off of Amazon for around 20$.  It was shampoo(conditioner), hand and body lotion, lip balm, candle and soap(u can see I have been using the soap like crazy).
Ok, so I Absolutely Love these products.  I have not been paid by this company, they don't even know I exist. LOL But I just like it when I see that someone shares their honest opinion on something. 
What I Love About These Products!
1. The Smell (I ordered the Orange Blossom Honey) but comes in a variety of smells.
2. Non Greasy
3. I have a very Sensitive Scalp, I have a issue from stress that causes itching and hair loss, but this has completely went AWAY!
4. The smell (again, the shampoo is just as nice as the lotion)
5. The lather.  Ok so other organic shampoos have not lathered like I like.  I like to look like my hair has been covered in shaving cream kind of lather to make my naturally oily hair to feel clean and this shampoo does that. I have even made my own shampoo and I like this much better.  The bottle does say something like 70 percent organic. 
6. The soap ( it has such a clean feel and yes it lathers just as good as the shampoo) I want to try and make my own soap myself, that post is to come, if it turns out.  But if it doesn't I'm for sure ordering this again.  I do use a different soap for my face called Cetaphil, which will also be a different product review cause I love that soap for my face.  
7. The candle, as you can see I haven't lit it yet, but still smells great just in the cute little can they provided.  

What I dislike about them.
1. The Price, its not the cheapest of products, but hey what is? Most all the products out there by these big companies are just as expensive and we don't know what in the world they are putting in them.  
2. Nothing.... I absolutely can't come up with anything else.  

So, long story short, this is a product that we will continue to use in this household.  I ordered mine from Amazon, but you can check out their site

If you are having any type of scalp problems, you should at least try out their shampoo!
I hope you like this little review and if you try their products you will comment and let me know what you think! 

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