Friday, April 29, 2016


There isn't much that needs to be said about this post.  I think the verse in Isaiah 53:5 says it all.  I absolutely love bible journaling and I think this is one of my favorites.  Thank goodness for the cross, thank goodness for his grace that he gives us every day as we rise!  The Lord is so good to us with what he blesses us with every single day.  He heals us every day because we are all sinners asking for his mercy on a daily basis if you walk with him!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I have really enjoyed doing all these house projects because it helps put my brain in the place of happiness..... Yes my kids and hubby do that but sometimes you need this little me time inside yourself especially when you are home all day with 4 kids and homeschooling them... Can I get a Amen Madea?!    O yes, I get that someone may call the PO, PO over here if mama don't get a little quiet time in her head sometimes... LOL
  So anyway, I have taken to redoing the house into a more of a farmhouse style instead of rustic because for 1. it actually is a farmhouse and second because I just really like the style.  So good enough, I found a old coffee table that someone was going to through away.... AHHHH did you hear the angels sing... FREE love those 4 little letters! I had to do some wood working on it cause it was in pretty bad shape, but once I put my little touches to it I was very tickled at how it turned out.

This is the table when I first got it.  It was missing a drawer on one side, had these little shell looking things that I didn't like and it needed a good sanding.

So I just did a rough coat sanding, nothing major.
With a little hand sander.

Next I popped off the shells, they were attached with nails from a nail gun, this took like two seconds.  Then I sanded where they were so stains wouldn't show through.  I had left over Plywood from my shiplap wall... (I'm telling you, this stuff is awesome..if you are the least bit crafty you will use every inch of this stuff and not waste a bit!  I decided I wanted to cover the hole where the drawer was but wanted it to look like that on each side.  Now the plywood is sharpe on the edges and I wanted it to look soft like a real drawer, so I used the little dremel tool and sanded down the edges so it would look real... then I stained them grey and attached them with a nail gun.  
I did this on both sides.

I wanted the black distress to show through the top and since I was out of black spray flat I used some old black chalk board paint from my sons room, cause I didn't need much.  
Then I painted over that with gray paint from my bedroom. lol, I said it was cheap, and I already had all this stuff at the house.  

Once all the grey and white white was painted I used a soft sandpaper and distressed it in the areas that I liked... I also took a soft rag and coated with boiled linseed oil to give it a protective coat. 

 Next I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some cute knobs that were 50 percent off which was 2.50 a piece to make them look like real drawers, used my husbands drill and made little holes for these.  I thought it was a cute final touch!

I was tickled with how it turned out.  My coffee table that was 5 bucks!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


When I come onto my blog sometimes I just sit here holding my hands on the keys wandering how to start.  I ponder and think, I don't want to start another one with "Well, this happened" or "So this was next," you get my drift.  But sometimes I think where do I begin? Where do I start?
But then there are those other times when I'm just doing something simple like standing in the shower and it comes to me and I can't wait to rush to get done with my nightly chores so I can get something down.

I love bible journaling it has been such a enjoyment for me to use art or pictures to help me retain scripture.  Its really really hard for me to remember verses and where they are located in the bible and the artwork helps me to retain it, I have talked about that in a previous post.  There are ones that touch my heart so deeply or mean a lot and I want them to be added to my "armor" of scripture that I'm learning so I will have them in my heart when the enemy attacks.

Today, I'm writing about Isaiah 1:18, though our sins make us scarlet, you makes us white as snow!
This is an amazing thing for me.  To know that no matter how far I have strayed or things I've done, God sent Jesus his only son to pay the ultimate sacrifice for me.... crabby, frustrated, complaining about this and that, me!

I've learned at the ripe ol age of 38 that time waits for no one.  Things, people, come and go.  Seasons of life change and you must change with it.  You don't have a choice.  People especially don't stay the same, friends, family all the above, we can't help it.  We have situations and circumstances in our lives that make us change.
Two of the biggest lessons I have learned!! That I will take with me always. 

 Did you know that its easier to be mad at someone than to forgive them?

 Did you also know that its easier to be mean to someone than treat them with kindness when they have hurt or wronged you?

These two things I have experience from both sides.  I have been on the giving and the receiving end of both of these 2 lessons.  But fact is, its really hard to love a mean person, and its hard to forgive when you don't feel like you are in the wrong.

 I was listening to a pastor once that said we as a human tend to tell other people when we are comforting them that, "Hey you have the right to feel this way!"  Or you have the right to feel angry!  Because as humans we want to decide what is right and what is wrong in a situation.

 Something I have also learned is that it is possible for 2 people to see a "right" in the way they are thinking about something and for them to disagree on a subject.   All in all is that, "Is there anyone on this Earth, that you can think of, that had more of a reason to Exert his right, than Jesus?" Did he sin? NO   Did he do anything wrong to deserve what he got?  NO

He out of anyone, that had the right, to Exert his RIGHTS! But he Didn't, did he?  He went to the cross for us all.  I have had to tell myself this over, over, and over again.  When I get angry with anything, the kids, my husband,  or my family, I have to say, I don't have the right to stay angry, mad or frustrated because we are all sinners trying to do our best.

So I say all this to say, forgive often, love often, don't hold grudges, try your best to live as peaceful and humbly as you can.  This is very hard, cause the Enemy wants us squirming and stranded.  But I can promise you, holding on to anger, bitterness, malice, its way heavier than humbly handing it over to God and saying this is to big for me.  Please take this God, because I can't carry this heavy load of frustration anymore.  Thank you God for not exerting your right and carrying all our sins to the cross, so we could fly away like a bird and be washed white as snow!


Sunday, April 10, 2016


You know what I really love about Pinterest?  Well besides that fact that your brain can go into this place where you dream you have all this really awesome stuff!
Its the fact that everything is good, no seriously each and every person can have their on taste and you are not judged. You have your own boards and your own styles and its ok to like what "you" want to like.  I have had this really neat thing to happen to me in the last 6 to 8mths.  I have found myself.  Like when I say found myself, I mean that I have never really had a specific taste.  My mom is a great homemaker, my mother-in-law has good taste too.  Lots of people in my family do also.  But it always seems like I have just been lost in the middle.  I would like things that one would do and mix it with something else that I would see at one of the other houses.  I never really said, "Oh this is the style I like and I"m going with it!"  Part of it is because I haven't really focused on it because I have been tending to 4 growing children for 13 years and the focus has for sure been 100 percent on them and not on the mama.

So anyways, I feel like after taking much time and looking though my boards and also watching the show "Fixer Upper" I have finally found a style and taste that I love! So one room at a time I have been changing it to make it match how I would like it look.  The only downer to this process is that I'm not rich like they are on the show so I have to do it with hammy down stuff or look on pinterest to try and find a cheaper way of doing things. A couple of weeks back I had a blog entry on my distressed wall with old boards that my dad had from a box that come off the farm.  Today the wall that I'm writing about I didn't have any old boards so I went  to Lowes hardware and had them to cut me some boards out of some white plywood.  It was around 35.00 for a 4X8 sheet.  I had to have 2 boards. This was my only expense in this project because I was gonna use all the other stuff I had from previous projects to complete it.  
I wish I had taken a picture of all the boards I had gotten at Lowes.  The 4X8 sheet made a lot of boards because I told the guy that run the saw at Lowes that I wanted them cut 4" wide.  The first 3 cuts where free then the rest of the cuts are .25 each. It wasn't very much and the boards are straight and even.  My wall was just a little under 4 feet wide so I only had to cut off a couple inches off each board.

Tools I used:
circular saw
nail gun with air compressor
small Dremel tool (round sander on the end)
grey stain
white flat paint

First board, use a stud finder to make sure you have the nails with the nail gun in the right place. Once I found them I drew straight lines up the wall so I would know where they are every time. 

Next Use a Level to make sure your boards are level before laying the rest of the boards.  I only had to do this once. 

I checked both ends, and the middle.

Of course I always have helpers when I'm working.  

This is to show how I used a jig saw and cut out the squares for the electric sockets. 

This was the hard part for me because I'm not a carpenter by any stretch.  It was getting around the steps. I cut out a small square with the circular saw, then used a Dremel tool with a round sander on the end to make it smooth.  This took me awhile because I had never done it before. 

Another thing I didn't figure for was the fancy crown molding at the top. Oh my Word, Can you say pain in the neck!!!! It took for ever using that small sanding tool to make it all go together.  But I was very proud of how it finished.  ***Key Point I didn't think about that at the top when I started my project.  So make sure you look at your wall before you start something like this to make sure you can maneuver around what ever you have on that wall.
Once I finished the wall, I did the same method I did here. (that tells about the stain, Vaseline method for the distressed look to come through. Once you do that, you paint over with flat white paint.  I used 2 coats. 

You lightly sand in the areas you want the distressed look to appear. 

So this is the finished project! I had a old lantern that I took the oil part out of a used a battery light to put on the inside.  I purchased the large metal K at "of course" Hobby Lobby.

This is a up close because the long picture you really loose how pretty the distressed part is.  Its hard to tell from the bottom pictures.

This is with little light on in the lantern.

This is with the light on.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


We have been looking for the last several months at chicken feeders.  All kinds, plastic, metal, barrels, square containers.  My brother and I both like having chickens for our kids to tend to, play with and take care of.  So he and I had been sharing pictures back and forth of all kinds of feeders that we had run into that would be the most practical for our coops.  We finally ran across one that I really really liked.  So today my husband and I went to Lowes and bought some of the largest PVC pipe that you could find put it together and used bendable wire strips to mount it to the side of the coop.  We also used caps for the tops to keep the food dry.
We are gonna build a small shed to come off the side of the coop so they can stand and eat and drink without being in the weather and it will also keep the food in the end of the pipe dry.