Friday, March 18, 2016


Happy Weekend Everyone!

So I have finally caught up on a lot of projects that I've been doing around the house so I'm planing to make a couple of post here in the next few days to show what all we have been working on.  

I'm trying to redo a lot in my house to go to the white, gray, farmhouse style.  I had somewhat the farmhouse style already, but was with more of the reds, greens and hickory style type furniture.  So I've been making slip covers, redoing furniture, and adding that ship lap look.  

This coffee table that I purchased was at a consignment shop in Greensboro for 66.00.  I wanted it to have that distressed look.  So I am using the same bucket of flat white paint, a can of black flat paint that you can get at Lowes for .99 and some boiled linseed that my husband already had in his shop....  

This is the table when I first purchased it.

It was a little somewhat scuffed up because it had been used. 
The first thing I did was sand it.  I used my husband hand sander and used a pretty rough grade sand paper because it needed to get the shinny coat on top off. 

This sand paper is really rough and it won't take near as long to sand it down and get that top coat off. 

 Next I painted the entire table white with the basic house flat paint. 
I was doing this late in the evening, I'm also redoing a rocker you can see in this picture but that post will come later.  Anyways, I let this table dry over night, but if you did it first thing in the am you could easily finish this project in a day.  
Next I re sanded again, to make the distressed look.  I sanded most of the white off the top but left the sides exactly how I wanted them to look 

These are much softer types of sand paper and was some my husband already had in his shop so if you had to purchase these it would probably add a little extra cost to the project, say around 5 to 7 dollars.  But I used this to do the sides so it would look distressed. 
I was gonna leave the top like this to continue on the project, and you can if you like it, but we really wanted to it show some character with dents and scratches so I went back sanded more of the white off and then took a chain and large hammer and we just laid it on the table and hit it hard to make dents all in the table. 
This is my sweet husband helping me with this part, it wasn't hard, but I think he just likes to hit stuff! LoL
Once the dents and bangs are made, you use the black flat paint to spray lightly over the dents.  
Next sand the black spots to where only the paint in the dent is left behind, unfortunately I don't have a picture of this because my husband grabbed the sander an did it before I could think to take the picture.  But this is the close up of some of the dents.
Ok, so once you have the black in a few places, your back to painting the white flat all over again.  After you do this you sand with the same softer paper on the places that you would like to make it look distressed!
I wanted to give the table a little protection but didn't want to use a strong polyurethane because I didn't want a shiny look to the table, so we used boiled linseed to go over it to protect it from water. 

I just used a old wash cloth and applied this all over the top of the table.  

I also made the little tray in the table but that's another post!

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