Saturday, April 25, 2020

Cozy Entry Ways

First of all let me say: Hey Y'all! Its been so long since I have posted anything.  Right now we are enduring this pandemic and well it got me to thinking maybe I should catch things up. We have been on a journey, buddy, let me tell you. The previous post was from at least 3 years ago.  We were living in a different place doing different things... Well, some different things.   

The kids have grown so much, I now have a 17, 14, 13, and 10 year old... *sigh* But, with that said all is well and we are moving right along.  Since then we've purchased my dad's homeplace and did a complete remodel,  now that things have settled down from that, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the things from that journey. I am still making home-made soap and other things, but just for our family.  It's like everything came to a halt once we were living inside of a home that was being torn apart.  And boy I will tell you, living in a house that is being remodeled at the same time is not for sissies!  


Ok, So this will give you a somewhat idea of how we changed things.  First of all, the entire house has beadboard walls! Yes, it was like a Texan finding shiplap in Waco! Here in North Carolina, our shiplap is beadboard.  As we ripped and tore out pieces of sheetrock we found it.  Now don't panic I did use shiplap in the house! But I fell in love with the beadboard.  It could easily be chaulked and painted in areas that had holes from pictures from long ago.  The problem was the insulation had fallen quite a bit, so we had to do a lot of re-insulating in places where the beadboard was on an exterior wall.  My Papa and Mema purchased this farm back in 1961 to raise their 4 children and grow tobacco and cows.  Not having much insulation, the house stayed drafty and cold.  So over time, to keep my mema (she was a little woman) warm, Papa covered all the beadboards in sheetrock. (oh and lowered the ceilings, to keep in the heat.) So as you can see here she had sheetrock walls with fancy chair molding.  The picture above isn't the entryway somehow I have lost my picture of that wall.  But it looked almost identical to this wall.  It was white sheetrock with chair molding.  I wanted more of a different look to the front doors, which will come in a different post, but once we took those out I could tell there was beadboard behind the sheetrock.  So I started tearing it all down.  Once I painted, added some farmhouse molding to the tops and bottoms, it was done!  I think it turned out right nice, to be able to display all my kiddos and some of my favorite verses and sayings.  

I will say this though, taking down sheetrock and doing molding... whew!  It was a long job.  Especially when doing something like this by yourself, so make sure if you take on something like this you can plan to have dust, dirt, and feet prints everywhere in your house, and I mean, 

A church pew from an old church sits in the hallway to put on shoes and my memas old churn.  My kids keep asking when we are gonna make butter? I hope you enjoyed these pics!


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